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A8 Own Media sites

A8.net runs a several media site in several industries to gather and get close to affiliate and end-users.

Corporate/Incentive Media Sites

Large corporate sites deal with variety of needs. Promotion is negotiable for special affiliate fee

※applicable conditions depend on individual case

point Income
JMB mall

Comparison/ Ranking sites

Comparison/ Ranking sites sample

compare certain product from different companies and write the characteristics of each products and they use SEO methods and SNS ads to gain traffic.

Blog sites

Blog sites sample

Publish articles to provide information and contents to the users.
They use SEO, Newsletter, SNS, to gain traffic and usually have loyal followers.

Cooperate media sites

Cooperate media sites sample

Large corporate site deal with variety of needs. Promotion is negotiable for special affiliate fee and applicable conditions applies depending on individual cases.

Reward sites

Reward sites sample

Part of the affiliate fee gets rewarded back to users as points and coupons.
Exposure to over 100,000 registered users per site possible.

(Affiliate Shopping Mall)

SelfBack sample

On A8.net, there is an affiliate shopping mall where our own affiliate can purchase the promotional products.

Recruit your Reviewer with A8.net

Your A8 consultant will help you to recruit influenceable publishers who can make the valuable and noticeable articles. The advertiser will get more exposure with the post or the articles which are written in native Japanese.

It increases the awareness of your Brand and product in the Japan market.


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Spread it in Overseas!

A8.net also introduce advertiser‘s program to overseas affiliates too.
We can introduce your program to affiliates in other countries.
China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and more which have high quality of affiliates.


  • Multilingual site
  • Oversea payment system(Credit Card, Paypal, etc.)on EC store.
  • Overseas Shipping


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