Top 4 Essential things that you make Success
in Japanese EC market

Here are 4 key points to be successful and increase awareness in Japan online market.
Some points are not essential but we highly recommend to have it.

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1Native Japanese Language Page is Essential

You may already know but in Japan the native language is Japanese.

Of course you can promote your brand, products and service in Japan without Japanese language page but localizing your website to the local language and currency have the significance effects to the marketing strategies, increase of exposure, increase of brand awareness and more.

2Optimize your landing Pages

Our screening team help optimize your website by checking all the wording is appropriate for the Japanese customers, check whether there is a problem on any of the pages, flow of returned goods are written and etc.

We believe that website can be trusted from the customer when content are properly written and in results you will be able to gain the successful market results.

3Find your Best Affiliate Partner

Once you have launch your affiliate program on, the next step is recruiting the affiliates(publishers). The affiliate can simply jump into your program or your account manager can help recruit certain types of affiliates for you.

The affiliates can write the authentic articles where they can connect with their audience more than the classical marketing methods.


CPC(Cost per Click) whenever the advertiser's ads are clicked and lead to website consider as a conversion.CPC models are great for advertisers who have a great audience and would like to increase the exposure of the website and brand name.

CPA(Cost per Action) Action can mean sales, lead or etc. whenever the user clicked on the ads and go to advertiser's website and do the action as required( sign-up for newsletters, purchase a product and more) will consider as a conversion. CPA model is the most common way of affiliate marketing.

Knowing the difference between the 2 marketing model helps the marketing success and we can help figure out which model fits best for your affiliate program in Japan market.

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